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Celestial Ring_As Earth by Miss-TaDa Celestial Ring_As Earth by Miss-TaDa
Name: Earth



A.K.A: Mother Earth/Gaia

Type: Terrestrial planet

Location: Third planet from the Sun

Gender: Female

Age Identity: 25

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 102 LBS

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Hair Color: Ocean Blue

Appearance: Everything about Earth was made almost perfectly. Beautiful and poised. Her appearance is structured as a matured curvy woman. In movement she always portraits herself doing childlike gestures and in nature she is extremely playful. She has sky blue eyes, long ocean blue wavy hair that extends longer than her height; and fashionable clothing’s that are hand crafted and made entirely from her environment. Upon her seasons changing her clothing’s as well as her physical appearance often changes according to the seasons. For Example when its Spring time her attire is normally fully crafted with freshly growing flowers and newly grown leaves. In the Fall, her outfit changes colors according to the season adjustments with her branches being nearly without leaves. Winter time comes her entire appearance as well as her mood changes to match the coldness of the weather. Her branches are bare, and in most case she is seen with frozen ice sickles all throughout her body.


Personality Traits: Friendly, kind-hearted, lively, giving, sensitive and very emotional 


Personality: She is described as being what mother earth has to offer. She is Mostly made up of being Giving and very emotional; subject to or easily affected by emotion. And when she shows emotions, they are very noticeable. Crying it rains, Angry it thunders...her anger can sometimes lead to even worsen conditions, but you get the idea. But of all Earth is always giving. She adores sharing her gifts that she has inhabited.


Earth’s personality effects-

Of all Earth is especially unique for her many sources of elements which controls the weather around her, and all this is entirely based off her emotions and random mood swings.

Facts about Earth’s weather and season change-

Her normal days are usually a blue sky with patches of white to grey clouds. This signifies a typical day for Earth where she is both happy and relaxed.

Earth’s Happy days is a sign that she’s in an extremely good mood! Absolutely a clear skies without a single cloud in site.

Earth’s Cloudy days usually means she is sad or simply not in the best mood.

Earth’s rainy days is usually a sign that she is either sadden or depressed. This often leads to her crying.

Earth’s Stormy days; meaning she is upset. So she often vents off her frustration by becoming angry at everything around her. Her anger can sometimes lead to even worsen conditions like server Thunderstorms, Tornados and yes even into a Hurricane.  These conditions also changes upon her seasons.

Earth’s Earthquakes. This signifies that she’s suffering from some sort of Headache or irritation through her body.

Earth’s tide effects; these are naturally caused by the presence of Lunar whenever he comes into contact with Earth. Sometimes their many activities can place an impact on Earth’s mood emotionally. Their bond isn’t always perfect for Lunar can do the littlest thing to upset Earth.

Rainbows: A sign of relief after the storm. This normally happens right after Earth vents out her frustrations and suddenly becomes overwhelmed with joy. As she puts it...her happy tears.

Earth’s Season changes-

Her seasons are entirely based off the Sun’s many visits.

Winter time: This is the only time of Year where the Sun’s visits to Earth is almost close to zero visits. This causes Earth’s temperature and mood to drop significantly, which leads to cold weather effects.

Spring time: This time of the year Sun occasionally makes his visits. After not seeing the Sun over the winter season, Earth takes this warmer weather to her advantage and dresses up her entire environment with freshly grown flowers just too simply please the Sun, and to show off her beauty.

Summer time: The Sun’s visits is almost frequently for this is the hottest time of the Year.

Autumn time: Around this time of year the Sun’s visits become more less, as she is slowly transitioning her environment into winter time. Her colors began to change and her once freshly grown planets are beginning to decade.

And from there it starts all over again.

Special Abilities: Of all the planets earth has many elements and matters for her ability. Wind and Water is her most powerful-est techniques that she uses. Summoning plants, leafs and flowers is her second. Her other abilities are Thunder and Snow (but her snowing ability occurs only when the seasons changes or when she is near Moon) Fire is the only ability she cannot summon on her own.


Guardian/Moons/Satellites:  Lunar (The Moon)



- Of them all, it is the SUN that is Earths biggest and closes companion. The sun practically spoils Earth sole because of her beauty and difference in personality compared to any other planet’s behavior.  (In this story the Sun and Earth are basically lovers).  Yet on most occasions their time spent together is briefly short and only last until the Sun sets from Earth’s skies. But Sun try’s to visit Earth as much a possible

-Earth’s relationship with Lunar is just as close as Sun’s for the two interacts with each other almost constantly. When Lunar isn’t as overly protective towards Earth, the two spends most their time venturing throughout Earth’s many vast landscapes.

-At the moment Earth does not have any other relationships with no one else besides Lunar and Sun.


Hobbies: Earth is very adventures and loves flying the skies and exploring. She normally likes playing Hide and seek with the Sun's light. She often enjoys singing.


Dislikes: always ends up raining, or if not worse.....


Personal Information: She is giving, caring, loving and entirely made up of emotions. From the very beginning the Sun watched over Earth as she grow being different from any of the other planets. She always had this curious personality about herself, which lead to her creating the many things that is seen to this day. Her bond with the Sun is almost perfect as he does tend to have a habit at spoiling her every needs. Her Bond with her Guardian, also known as Lunar is just as strong. Ever so often when Earth has her moments of either crying or...worse, her Guardian always knows the remedy to ease her mind.
Earth's Journey around the Solar System: From the very beginning, seeing how rare Earth was through Sun's eye's he never wanted Earth to leave her planet nor did he ever wanted anyone besides himself and Lunar to visit her. Yet adventurous as Earth was, she desperately begged and plead to her Lover, the Sun to visit her fellow neighbors. In this story Sun eventually allowed Earth restricted locations she could set seal across along with Lunar. After her leave from Home...Her journey begins....

Theme song chosen for Earth ------->…

-About Earth's clothing change-
Im not sure if anyone has notice but I have changed up Earth's outfit from the original just a ted. Compare to her older outfit, I realized it has been kinda difficult to draw her upper top properly over her....boobies xD. So I wanted to make it easier for me to managed, and sooooo far I think I can deal with the new change to her outfit. I hope this change doesn't bother anyone in any way ^^ But for those who are wondering this will be Earth's official costume from now on ^^

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Star!Star! Star!:iconcelestial-ring:

This Original character(OC) belongs to Miss-TaDa.
Please do not use or copy this character without MY
permission. Thank you very kindly.

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DameOdessa Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
HOw gorgeous and enchanting, she is such a magnificient character, love her pose, her smile, her whole design:heart:
Suiish Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah i really need to think of your OC's when im stuck to what to sktch ! i'm so happy to reach your stack and i just want to say no worrie on replying to the upcoming commnts <3 i have over 40 deviations to catch up on from yooo <3 so yeah looking orward to your beautiful artwork again and amazing universe <3 
Tsukinekoi Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Beautiful as always

But now I have this urge of seein a child Earth meeting the Sun
Maybe with a more covering outfit to resemble the Pangea
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
great work on earth gal, very nice!
Miss-TaDa Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THANKS SO SO VERY MUCH!!!!Excited Blush 
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

Np! you be invited to join my draw my ocs competition? There will be money prizes as well as other prizes as well!

PhotoshopGirl29 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
This is a gorgeous piece!
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THANKS SO SO VERY MUCH!!!!  Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] 
PhotoshopGirl29 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer

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TurqoiseTortoise Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Since there are many places on earth without seasons she could also have a tropical look sometimes maybe... just saying. :) Or an outfit with snow shoes/hat, flower top/bottom and a tropical belt.
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