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Celestial Ring_As Mercury by Miss-TaDa Celestial Ring_As Mercury by Miss-TaDa

Name: Mercury

Symbol: ☿   


A.K.A: The Messenger 

Type: Terrestrial planet

Location: Innermost (Closet to the Sun)

Gender: Male

Age Identity: 24

Height: 5’7”/ 170.18 cm

Weight: 145 lbs.

 Eye Color: Bright Yellow

 Hair Color: Nearly invisible hair/ Pale aqua

Appearance: Mercury is fairly thin for his seize. By him being so entirely close to the Sun he is the least perfectly circular of them all; rock solid in form. He can also be seen having a rather faint shine on his skin structure. Like the Sun, Mercury is limited to certain humanly features. His appearance is without a nose, nor ears and in some cases no hair when directly facing the Sun. Yet if at any time Mercury isn’t nearby the Sun, or just simply far away (for example him traveling far beyond the asteroids Belt) his hair can become more visible and fuller in volume. Mercury’s skin isn’t as dark as it should be, but it’s rather pale instead. Reason being is that Mercury spends most his time living underground and out of harm’s way of the Sun’s intense heat and brightness.

Mercury’s style is sometimes referred to as a monk.


Personality Traits: Wise, Intelligent, Calm, Protective, and Optimistic


Personality: Of all the others Mercury is highly knowledgeable about everything and anyone around him. Reasons to believe that the Sun always informs Mercury about any and everything thing going around in and out of the Solar System. He is often described as being cheerful and is easy to get along with, yet sometimes his certain levels of word choice can sometimes make others think of him otherwise.


Special Abilities: Mercury's major ability is his massive speed which makes him extremely fast in combat and is also the fastest amongst the other planets. Mercury has no known abilities, but was gifted
a powerful staff from the sun himself, that allows him to fight more physical in close combat.


Guardian/Moons/Satellites:  Mercury has no known Moons/Guardians but it is possible that he may have a Quasi-Satellite roaming his territory ever so often.



-Mercury has a strong and stabled relationship with the Sun that’s been going on since the very beginning. Their bond is described as brotherly like, as Mercury always seems to look up to Sun in that way of nature. For long Mercury has always kept himself informed of Sun’s personality, and at any giving time if Sun is angry for any reason, Mercury knows just what to say to ease his mind. Of course he can’t always calm Sun’s tantrum moments, so in any case he stays out of the way and allows the Sun to vent out his own frustrations.

-Mercury’s second closes companion is Ceres the dwarf planet, which the two always tend to have small yet friendly affairs ever so often. The two has that brother, sister kind of bond that is hard not to notice upon site.

-When Earth and Mercury finally meets, their friendship goes without questioning, a promising bond. Once they began to know each other more Mercury looked to Earth as a close companion and with time, would love to sit and learn about her way of life. Just the thought excites Mercury by far.

-Mercury has this semi love interest in Saturn’s moon Iapetus. When the two first met it was during one of Mercury’s anonymous visit to Saturn’s homeland. He had caught Iapetus in the middle of her cleaning while chatting with his fellow associates, as he randomly asked her if he could assist him while she climbed up a tall ladder. When the two finally met eyes it was a sudden connection, but Iapetus bubbled up and she shyly dashed away. The two never seen each other again after that meet…but Mercury would love to see her again.

Personal Information:

Despite not having any Guardians (Moons), Mercury is often referred by the Sun himself as being one of his top Generals and his official strategist as well. Mercury was giving the nick name, “The Messenger” for all the errands and missions he would often do to represent Sun. Mercury’s light speed ability gives him the will to travel quickly towards his destinations around the Sun’s solar system, making the time to visit any close by planets a breeze. He is also very inventive during his personal time away from Missions. One of his well-known mini inventions he has developed is a device called the “Light-speed-Traveler”. A gadget that was design for individuals less of his caliber to travel to desirable places in a instant ranging all the way to Pluto. Mercury produced this handy device to help his dearest friend Ceres to safely travel between his planet and hers, the same goes for Venus as well. Mercury is also well known for being the Informant.
Mercury's encounter with Earth: Mercury was the first individual besides the Sun to meet Earth. Because the Sun was well acquainted and fully trusted Mercury, Earth was recommended to visit him foremost. During her and Lunar’s visit Mercury was quick to update and inform the two about the inner and outer planets and their boundaries before sending them on their way to Mars.

Theme song Chosen for Mercury -------->…

Other Characters:
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Star!Star! Star!:iconcelestial-ring:

This Original character(OC) belongs to Miss-TaDa.
Please do not use or copy this character without MY
permission. Thank you very kindly.

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reddragon122100 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student General Artist
He's my zodiac planet!!
Hidden by Commenter
ByterranEmipre Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Igagera messes up in grammar sometimes when she is highly confused & angered, that is why "The care to explain yourself" is in the wrong order.

Coruta is "Extremely"Overprotective" of her, so if you break her will, then he will break your face.
Miss-TaDa Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mercury looks up and see's Coruta.

Mercury: Oh...I see you've brought someone else along. Panda Emoji-14 (Pfft) [V1] 
Miss-TaDa Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Turns around and look to see no one's behind him.

Mercury: OH MY GOOOOOOOOSH Panda Emoji-15 (Shocked) [V1] I LEFT HER BEHIND!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Noooooooo!
Ok ok ok calm down Mercury.....You just gotta retrace your steps and....Hope to run into her.....I feel so bad!Panda Emoji-23 (Cry) [V2] 

Mercury uses his ultra speed to locate Igagara in his path.

Mercury: 'Crys' IM SOOOOOO SORRY Panda Emoji-22 (Ahhhhhhh) [V2] I must admit my walking can sometimes turn into me running because of my speed. Especially when it comes to a serious matter or a mission such as this, I get way ahead of myself and forget that im bein followed Panda Emoji-24 (Oh...) [V2]  My apologizes miss Igagara. I can not forget that this is all about you and when we find have to be presence xD Other wise I'd look like a fool without you. Im sooooo sorry!!! Panda Emoji-20 (Err....) [V1] 
ByterranEmipre Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Igagera: Fine you are forgiven, but next time warn me when your leaving!? So Coruta doesn't go to Sol and tell him what happened.... Also he did but he only did that to protect me. But in your case.... You just get a nasty warning from Sol, and he used a very colorful vocabulary I might add.

Mesha: Oh their you are Iggy!

Igagera: Please don't call me that! You haven't used that since I was a child, so why now Mesha?

Mesha: I have a note for you from.... I ...can't.. seem to read it's signature, Wait now I see it! It's from Coruta.

Igagera: Thank you then.

Mesha: Your welcome sweetie.*Leaves*

Igagera: *Reads note aloud as told by the note.* The deed is done, If we succeed then your punishment is voided, but if not then Mercury.... Your kind of screwed.... That's it. Well that was anti-climatic don't you think?
Miss-TaDa Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mercury: Trust me I did not tend to leave you in the first place.
But I am happy you have accepted my apologize. How about to make matters better for us both, I follow you.
Are we still here on Mars? (kinda confused as to where we are XD)

And also I think I know of something that might....and I mean just might bring Mars to surface.
I heard he hates water....
Perhaps we can locate some water and spread it throughout his lands. Trust me when I say, he wont just come up to anyone's calling.
ByterranEmipre Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Powten Observation Satellite of Terrestrial research (P.O.S.T.):  Impact in five minutes, please stand by....

Igagera: Aren't my Powten so cute and innovative! They are very traditional and advanced. They follow the "Code of the Warrior" aka: Bushido. and the "Assassin's code of Secrecy". They were on Earth but came back to me after they learned from the masters there.

Japan was the only place they went to in public and copied practically everything, except the language, they use the writing style though. But they observed the other Asian (Southern, Southeastern, and Eastern) cultures in secret and used there building designs only.

And now we see the Impact!
Miss-TaDa Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mercury looked to the Powten with such amusement.

Mercury: My my! How very fascinating this crafty satellite is! Such a well thought out technology you have created dear Igagara! I must say that I am rather jealous over your succes in such unique inventions. A slave away for hours trying to come up with new gadget that could be useful for myself and many of my fellow neighbors in this system.

He circles the Powten and observe it closely.

Mercury: Heh heh no need to explain how it works or how its built. I can see just you've went about mastering this piece. Hmmmm....I may just use the idea some day ^^
ByterranEmipre Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Their my inhabitants not toys.... (^-^; )
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