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Celestial Ring_As Neptune by Miss-TaDa Celestial Ring_As Neptune by Miss-TaDa
Name: Neptune


Pronunciation:  nep-toon, -tyoon

A.K.A: The Drunken Master/ Wondering Eye

Type: Jovian(Gas) planet

Location: The eighth and farthest planet from the Sun in the Solar System

Gender: Male

Age Identity: 32

Height: 7’0”

Weight: N/A

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Hair Color: Neon Blue/Deep Blue

Appearance: Neptune takes the appearance of a tall, very well-built and masculine man.  Due to his environment he has a much lighter complexion than the other known planets. His main colors are Deep to Neon Blue in both his natural long hair, to his winter clothes. Neptune’s style can sometimes come off as looking like those in the ancient Chinese era, as well as his homeland, but with more of a twist of wearing gear suitable for the artic such as fur and long boots.


Personality Traits: Comical, flamboyant, untamed, compatible and a daredevil ...And sometimes pervertic...


Personality: Of All Neptune is ‘that’ guy….Ya know…That guy who you’d wanna hang out with for a good old time or to simply joke around with. He almost never takes anything seriously when it comes to his personal life or even when it comes to a fight! He often plays unfairly and not caring much for the rules … but of all...Never serious. Even for a second if you THINK he’s being serious about something, chances are….he isn’t XD That’s when his comical sense of humor kicks in. He laughs when its not even necessary and will laugh even harder at the stupidest/corniest jokes just to make matters worse. He is a true alcoholic by far and he shows his true colors when he is drunk…Rarely will you Catch the mighty Neptune at a sobered moment. He also fights best when he is intoxicated xD. When he is under the influence he is unstoppable and can do or say the most random things just to keep himself entertained. Sometimes his humor can get rather annoying to those with a stern personality, and he just has this character about himself that just won’t quit once you’ve gotten him started.

He Loves to fight! And if he gets himself into one (Which he often does anyways) He suuuuure does has the right skills and massive strength to back it up.


Special Abilities: Neptune's main ability is his strength. He is fond of using his might of fist foremost before using any of his main elements which is freezing water and Ice. Neptune is capable of summoning enormous tidal waves the size of Earth…. Yet he never uses it....

Neptune’s fighting style is the Art of Chinese Kenpo and the God Fist Style of Chinese Martial Arts. When he is drunk (Most occasions) he uses those same techniques just in a drunken master style. He can be rather complicated to fight with for his many moves can becomes extremely difficult to follow, especially while he is under the influence,  


Guardian/Moons/Satellites:  Triton, Nereid, Proteus, Larissa, Thalassa and at least 9 others +


Relationships: It’s hard to tell because most of Neptune’s relationships with others are described as unstable.

-His relationship with Uranus’s is of his own theory, for he has a huge obsession with her. Uranus on the other hand doesn’t see him in that way.

-Him and Triton’s relationship is sooooo far from being a strong one. Triton was rather forced to become a companion to Neptune due to him being captured by him. In truth Triton dislikes Neptune…and if he had the strength to compete with Neptune’s might he would fight back for his freedom…

-Neptune’s Relationship with Nereid and Thalassa are at an even level….He’s too much of a klutz to take them seriously as they do to him in the same nature.

-His relationship with Larissa is like a best pal sort of bond. She’ll do anything that Triton won’t do for him, like drink or just to hang out with and nothing more. Neptune on the other hand still believes that Larissa is a male.

-Neptune has close bond with his Pet Proteus for they enjoy going hunting together. But Sometimes Neptune can wait for long periods of time just to find some time to be around Proteus.

- Oberon, one of Uranus’s moons is Neptune’s official drinking buddy. Whenever Oberon can find the time to sneak from Uranus’s kingdom he and Neptune will spend time together drinking it up like pros.

- Neptune claims to have a Relationship with the Mighty Jupiter…But that’s only word of mouth by him.

-He don't think he has a relationship with Pluto, but in truth he does. When ever Pluto comes around him (Which are random occasions) Neptune often finds the need to run from her...He wants nothing to do with Pluto and her sisters.


Hobbies: Drinking, Training, Fighting,Stalking Women/Uranus, Brewing Beers


Dislikes: He hates being sobered…..And apparently paper cuts…..


Personal Information:

Neptune may come as the last major planet in the System of the Sun, but he comes firstly as the first line of Defense. Yes his bad habits and lack of responsibilities may be the cause as the why the Sun has placed him the farthest, but the Sun knows for a fact that he can get the job done if and ever it comes to any sight of invasions into his domain. He is a protector and a defender of all….even if it doesn’t take things seriously. Yet one the flip side, he is a total pig and enjoys his ways of life of being a drinker and an official maker of brewing his very own many beers and alcohols. Yes he makes such a huge profit off many other Celestial beings such as Saturn, by selling his many creations of alcohols. That’s one major entity Neptune is well known for….ya know…besides his wild life style.

His wilder life style is mainly Drinking and engagements with varies Women…Though he considers himself a ladies' man, he doesn't particularly hold any respect for them as women and considers them more of a quick thrill than anything of a serious matter……He can say, pretend, act and even cry his way through till he gets the best of them. All except for Uranus which he claims is his soul mate…


Background Story(Made by Jonot):

The true history of Neptune is one clouded in mystery over the years. The only ones that know his past, in the solar system, is Sun, Uranus, and the whale moon Proteus.
His story begins long ago in a desolate frozen waist land far from Earth. There he lived with his clan of nomad brothers wandering the tundra hunting, fishing, and battling wild creatures. As part of their tradition they sent him out to become a man in the clan by hunting for a ferocious beast and bringing back the hide as proof of his victory. It only took him a matter of days till he made his kill and discovered that he liked it. Not the killing, but the rush of battle and the thrill of knowing that at any moment his life could end. So instead of returning to his people he continued to hunt dangerous beasts, seeking his next rush.
That hunt lead him to an ice shelf near the sea. As he was in the midst of fighting a bear the ice under him broke apart causing him to fall into the water below. Too weak to swim, Neptune started to slowly fall deeper into the sub-arctic water when he felt something push him back to the surface. The force was a massive whale that looked as though it had lived for untold ages. The beast formed a bond with Neptune and named it Proteus and the two moved south, away from the cold ice fields. As they traveled they reached an island paradise, more than fit for furthering Neptune's education. During his time there he discovered the fullest extent of his powers. When the island was being besieged by pirates he went to the shore and with one hand raised the attacking ships from the water and with the other he enveloped them in a mass of sea water. The force of the ocean crushed the ships and drowned the crews completely. Sun had born witness to his actions and offered him the title of planet during his victory party. Seeing the opportunity Neptune boldly agreed to the proposal and declared Proteus to be his first moon.

Theme Song Chosen for Neptune ----->…

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This Original character(OC) belongs to Miss-TaDa.
Please do not use or copy this character without MY
permission. Thank you very kindly.

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Superjustinbros Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy crap, I really love this guy's design. ^o^
DemonQueen17 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The words 'Drink Responsibly' do not apply to THIS King of Drinking. Love this picture. I can see him go planetary bar hopping on his down time.
Miss-TaDa Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Yeah those words does not apply to Neptune ONE BIT LOL!
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193782465 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LEgGOdt1 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 6, 2014
Amazing and I'm just guessing that if Neptune happened to get into a fight while he was drunk. Would the way he's fighting look similar to the way Jackie Chan fought in Legend of the Drunken Master?

P.S. I found this song by The Animal…;called House of the Rising Sun which I'm sure it would fit perfectly with Mars but I'm not sure not as I listen to it more. 
Miss-TaDa Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks much for this song ^^ Very cowboy-ish indeed xD
Annnnnnd Neptune's fighting style?! Weeeeelll you can say that he may fight like that. i CAN just picture him now all drunk and doing all sorts of weird moves XD
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